A lovely Summer’s s day here in NZ. A quiet cup of coffee in the sunshine was disturbed by Breaking News. Our Prime Minister is resigning.

Jacinta Ardern, the Darling of the world press, and many of its leaders and politicians will resign “no later than February 7” The announcement was received by the general population here with shock and some might say, disbelief. There had been no indication to the Hoi Polloi of this before the announcement. She made the announcement today in Hawkes Bay and at the same time announced the date of the General Election as October 14th.

Now we have the usual jockeying for the position as Leader of the Labour Party following Ardern’s decision.

There’s nothing more for me to add. Just 

Image via Linkedin

JB Wellington, NZ, January 19, 2023


4 thoughts on “A BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE”

  1. I went to find out more about her.
    She says her tank is running low.
    I feel for her.
    So is mine.
    I can’t resign!
    I don’t know who Esther Hedges is.
    Sounds a bit uneducated.
    Food prices have rocketed all over the world!

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  2. I was shocked hence my unscheduled call to you. Something we don’t know about may have caused this, or she may be telling the truth, which would be quite unlike a politician


  3. I have admired her these past years and how she handled domestic and global crises with grace, compassion, and strong action. I am sad for NZ that she is stepping down but again, I admire her for putting her needs first. She realizes she can’t be an effective leader if she’s burned out. I wish your country all the best going forward.


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