Valentine’s Day in North America

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This is not a day I would normally celebrate. Even when I was COUPLED with someone I was not a fan.

However, it has been quite a lovely day for me so I am celebrating. How?

Well I got a wonderful deal on a regular monthly cost item. The sun is shining, temps above 10C for a bit, and I was able to go out without winter boots. That last item is the most cherished. Well, maybe not. Deals are pretty sparse in these times so….

So back to the how.

I am having a lovely chicken breast recipe for tonight made with orange juice and maple syrup (yup very Canadian of me). I went out and bought Cava (Segura Viudas) which my cousin in Scotland is better than Prosecco, Blueberry Cheesecake (any cheese cake will do unless it is tainted by too much other flavour, and quiche tartlets.

This is a day for love – even if it is Love of Life. I wonder if it is the Love of Life that gets us through the Worst of Life.

What do you think?

What makes us survive in the worst?

Lord knows the world is suffering. From war, earthquakes, pestilence (look it up), and …..

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstance, hang on if you can, there is another day coming, another day of hope. And if you cannot, then go in peace and love. Use it as a blanket of protection.

That’s about all the wisdom there is from North of 43, where we may be cold but we are vital!!

Chris Gingerich Tuesday Feb 14th, 2023


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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

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