How long does it take for a person to move from being a fully functional adult to a little old lady sitting in her room for most of the day, and taking little or no interest in for is happening in the world.
I can tell you exactly how long it takes as I have watched my friend deteriorate over a period of only eight weeks to get to this stage.

Over the eight week period she has had five visits to the regional hospital, has been diagnosed with cancer on the lung, has had a car accident almost wrecking her brand-new car, has had Covid and over this period has dislocated each of her hips, and through it all she has suffered badly with asthma. It really is no wonder she is feeling depressed.It really is no wonder she is feeling depressed.

So what can I do? On the face of it there is very little I can do, except to call her each day and visit her several times a week. 10 days ago I took her out for lunch but today she agrees that the only way she can go for lunch again is to sit in the car and eat a box lunch while watching the ocean and people with dogs and children playing on the beach.

She has no relatives in New Zealand and only a brother in England who is unwell and unable to travel across the globe to be with her. But even if he came here, what could he do?

Today’s quote is from is from Shirley MacLaine who says
”;when wexrelease others from the expectations we have of them is to truly love them.“


13 thoughts on “CONFIDENCE”

  1. So very sorry for your friend and for you. I am also witnessing this at a distance, as a friend in England is watching her high-flyer of a husband succumb to very rapid onset dementia following an allergic reaction to medication. Very, very scary. Carpe diem indeed!

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    1. My heart goes to both of you. But in response to your “So what can I do?” know that you are doing more than the overwhelming majority would do and then some. You are extremely kind and generous, and I hope you’re taking care of yourself as well.

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  2. Oh that is horrible for your friend! So sorry and glad she has you! Though I understand how you feel powerless as well, butI am sure you are bringing her more comfort than you know. Its not as much about what we say or do, as it is about just being there when a friend is sad and depressed.

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