What Came First?

Mother Nature is once again shaking her skirts. Is she not taking her meds?
For the past couple of weeks, we have been bombarded with torrential rain and according to the Wellington City Council, today’s slip was the 56th since July 20th, requiring intervention by the Council.

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Today, several residents in our suburb were awakened by loud noises, rumbling and what has been described by some as “a pressure sound”.  A huge slip and a broken water main greeted them. The street was completely blocked with fallen trees, power lines and debris.

According to a fireman on the scene “Several trees were resting on live power lines after the slip” and “It was a chicken and egg situation whether the slip was caused by the broken water main, or the slip broke the water main”.  

Now, some people face a night without power on a cold winter night,  and some have been evacuated while the power situation is finalised.

To get home I had to detour around several streets and I have no idea what happened to the buses. Tomorrow will be an exciting time for those, including my daughter, who have to make alternate arrangements to get to the office.

Just another winter’s day in Paradise….

“Some people walk in the rain.
Others just get wet.”
Roger Miller, Americana singer-songwriter
1936 – 1992

JB, August 1, 2022
Wellington, NZ

8 thoughts on “What Came First?”

    1. Thanks Cathie. Slade or slip it’s very destructive particularly when it’s as big as Yesterdays. Will have to make new plans of how to get to where I’m going today. Luckily we are not affected, although of course the road is blocked


  1. Was it a result of earthquake activity? I had never heard the term ‘slip’ before but usually when you mention Mother Nature’s skirts it’s in reference to quakes. Take care my friend


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