I Love Trees

This ice encrusted beauty embraces my third floor balcony. I live midtown and it gives me a rural-kind of feeling and is the first thing I see every morning from my bedroom window.

I feel a spiritual kinship with the wood population of our world. Have since I was a toddler. Probably my youngest memory was being pulled on a small toboggan by my father, through snow, to get a Christmas tree, and the memory is not so much that, as the feeling of grandeur and majesty, and power. Of course the toddler me did not have those words but certainly the feeling.

I love trees fully adorned and naked.

I love boys in trees. That is G1 about 15 years ago. He has changed. The tree not so much.

I love birds in trees. Okay, you get the idea. The thing is that just being in the proximity of a living tree is somehow magical.

I love these trees though they are filled with a different kind of life

And then of course I love these. Faux not real and more Charlie Brown than regal.

It’s tiny, a bit bizarre, but it is a tree!

Have a wonderful day all!

ChrisG Saturday December 4th ’21