But somewhere deep in my soul there is a recognition of some past existence that calls to me. Or it could all be hooey and is just a pretty place to see. Either way I am drawn.

You already know from my post ’I Love Trees’, that, well, I love trees. Stirs my soul. See there is all that soul stuff again!

When I drive through the country-side what strikes me most is how tidy the farms look. I think, imagine. Then I look around my small untidy writing area – hmmm.

I could not presume to use Celi’s pics so this is from

I also love farm animals, although I would probably be terrified to come face to face with a herd or a flock of anything. But the visual is nice.

More of

Now the point of all this chit chat about farms, and trees, and animals, is that there is one farm I can go and feel part of everything.

Cecilia Mary Gunther has The Kitchen’s Garden and has been around in my blogosphere forever. At over 13,000 followers there is always room for you. I know her as Celi (cause we are such Good Friends), though we have never been face to face.

I am overwhelmed at the very thought of trying to describe her in a few words. Can’t be done. I was so intrigued by her that years ago I spent considerable time going back and reading every single post. Think Cast of Thousands (okay bit of exaggeration). Think personal relationships of two and four-legged variety that stay with you always.

Also of particular note, since you know my partner-in-crime here on A World Apart, JB is a New Zealander – well so is Celi. Her life growing up at the beaches is as intriguing as everything she has done since. I do seem drawn to the Kiwi – though the name originally meant the men of the New Zealand regiments.

When you get a chance do pop over. Her photos alone are worth a look but the words will thrill, chill, comfort, inspire, and come to life.

It’s sunny and cold here at 43N Lat today – of course.

Chris Sunday December 12th