Last night I took in the above scene and felt comfort.

The day had been filled with the Sibs Christmas Dinner. Decades ago the Girls met for a Christmas Breakfast at some restaurant for some quiet time to exchange gifts and then a bit of shopping in St. Jacobs, a community and former village located in Waterloo Region, along the Conestoga River, and a popular location for tourism due to its quaint village appearance.

Unique shops and restaurants and an ambiance that calls forth some far-distant memory of the past.

St. Jacobs at familyfuncanada,com

As the years passed we decided a small party at home including the brothers was called for. I think we were realizing each new Season had to be treasured as this motley crew grew older.

And sure enough in ’18 we lost Dave and a year later Al.

So now there are five and the first toast is made to those who have gone before. Then it is laughter, gifts, and of course food! Oh and chatter. And singing. And games.

So that view from my bedroom window brought a nice comforting feeling to a wonderful day of sibling companionship. Sigh.

Warm wishes from Northof43

Chris Friday December 10th ’21