Purveyors of Truth and Why I Prefer Fiction Thank You Very Much

There seems to be a scarcity of truth these days, prevalent in every aspect of life. I guess one must ask, is that a true statement or has a mask been ripped off revealing what has always been there?

Four days ago the former Pope Benedict (who still lives in Vatican City) admitted to ‘giving false statement’ in a sexual abuse case. And what is this business of calling lies, false statements, as though that mitigates the severity of The Lie?

And don’t even get started on politics and THE SPIN. Years ago there was a TV series considered light comedy about an incompetent city official, a Mayor.

Back then people had faith in their elected officials so each week Michael J. Fox and his cast brought mirth and laughter into our homes. How funny there could actually be An Incompetent in an elected office

I believe fiction holds more truth than anywhere in the ’real’ world these days. There is a truth in fiction that no longer seems to exist in real life. I guess fiction can show an Ideal; truth, decency, right, wrong, good, bad. The lines-of-life seem to have become so blurred that we cannot distinguish one from the other .

But how the heck does one tell the difference?

Enough deep thoughts for the day. I am off to get my hair done because two weeks ago I chose a style I cannot live with and that is the truth!

May you fine truth in your own day and may it bring you joy on this Friday January 28th, 2022

Chris G