JB made this Limerick Day

This isn’t really National Limerick Day. Apparently that is May 12th. But Limericks are the fun topic of the day.

JB posted fun limericks by one of the authors’ of Murder is Everywhere, who allowed one of hers to be posted and also wrote a personal one for JB.

Now, how can I let that pass? So here is my effort!

It’s so much fun having JB back,

Her absence certainly caused a lack

Her interest now is not a trick

It’s all about The Limerick

And now I joined the poetic track!

Sort of. Not my best effort but so much fun!

So from North of 43, I wish you all a poetic night!

Chris G October 27th ‘22


Thoughts for Thursday

I have talked before about a blog I follow, Murder is Everywhere (MIE). This is a group of thriller/murder writers who have banded together. to make MIE. Unfortunately, the founding member has since died, but his plans for this continue.

Each day a different member posts a blog and I start my day with the first cup of Earl Grey, sitting in bed reading who has said what today.

A few days ago, one of the bloggers, Annamaria had a post headed Limericks for Mental Health. Apparently, she has been writing limericks for many years and says she uses them to let off steam. Americas 

Here is the Link so you can read the whole thing.

With her approval I am copying the opening limerick here.-

“Every Sunday Patricia must blog
On a subject she chooses to flog, 
But she cannot today
Her brain’s not okay
It’s stuck in a terrible fog.”

And because my mind has been in a terrible fog since I arrived back from Bali three days ago, I am going to let you see what she wrote for me.

Judith of the surname Baxter
Got angry of anyone taxed her.
All levies she ignored
From the nation’s tax board,
Until they showed how they’d axed her.

Clever huh? And so that’s my thoughts for Thursday.

JB, October 27, 2022
Wellington, NZ