The Second First Five Word Friday


Ok, first things first, JB thought it would be fun to start a Five Word Friday Challenge. And so, yesterday, her Friday was the first one. The Challenge takes place on the first Friday of each month.

Now here at about 80W longitude and north of 43 Friday is today. Time travel of a sort.


Yesterday, for the first time I decided to try Grocery delivery – to save time, effort (lugging groceries at 74 has become what I call painful but in fact is just a nuisance), and an experiment (you know I love experiments) to see if it affects non-necessary shopping (friends insist it does), and treat myself to a bit of luxury. JB has been doing this for a few months and loves it.

So I went on-line, ordered, put in credit card info, chose an available delivery time between 5 and 6 last evening. Yippee!

Got a call at 6:15 saying could not deliver then (I was happy with that because it had begun to snow heavily and I really did not want someone to have to be on the road just for delivery), but they would deliver this morning between 10-11.

I am not unhappy with this as sometimes things happen and unless there is a problem with the actual items I ordered, I can see this becoming routine!

OH and I am also happy that it gave me my first second Five Word Friday!


Sun, snow, summer, winter, here at north of 43 I wish you all a lovely day!

Chris G Friday February 4th, 2022