Giving up my oven

Thought about it for ages. How would I manage?

And then today, I got exactly what I had wanted as a gift:

It’s a Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven. It also does toast and ordinary baking.

I had grown weary of using a family sized oven (a waste of energy I reasoned) and the occasional groans that emanated whenever I had to bend down putting food in, taking food out, and all the attention required between times.

Plus cleaning that monstrosity just requires too much energy. (See all the justifications I make?)

Truthfully it is mostly about the waste of energy and the fact that using a large oven in a small apartment can be a little too warming.

So clean and unmarred hahahaha

And this will be much much easier to clean – though I must still clean the beast one last time.

In addition I was treated to a delightful lunch at Browns Social House in Waterloo and it is several hours later and I am still not hungry. The food and service was outstanding.

Fact is, as I told JB tonight on our Sat/Sun FaceTime that I have been eating out for a week and I was glad this week of celebration was over. Then I remembered I am going out to breakfast tomorrow morning with my sisters.

I see a week of WW ahead and lots of zero point foods!!

Say, do any of you use Convection when baking? What are the advantages?

So from a very satisfied North of 43 I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Or what’s left of it.

Chris G June 11th ’22