The Eight Thousand Mile Connection

The distance from Kitchener Ontario Canada to the heart of Wellington New Zealand (in a straight line is 8,728 miles – or 14,047 km).

Tonight was one of the two nights a week that JB (Judith) and I chat via FaceTime. Sometimes for forty-five min, or an hour and a half, and sometimes for two hours.

Tonight was a two hour fun-fest of frolicking fiddle-faddle and frequent flattery. ** a little recognition for JB’s alliterative attempt yesterday,

When one chats A World Apart there are all kinds of benefits. One is that these two kindred spirits have a bond that extends beyond time and place, perhaps even lifetimes.

And we have the eight thousand mile connection!

This is a magic condition of conversation in which we can say things to each other we would not tell another. In fact, often the sentence begins with, ‘I would never tell anyone else but…’

And every time we say this I think, ah the eight thousand connection.

Ideas, confessions, considerations, commiserations. All without judgement. We throw out ideas, suggestions, and talk about hopes and fears, and speculation.

And many times, like tonight, there is not a word about politics, news, or world conditions. Very indulgent.

I love FaceTime. I feel as comfortable in conversation as if we were sitting in each other’s living rooms.

Tonight in that two hours, one of the things we talked about is that if we lived close together, we probably would not be the great friends we are.

Does that surprise you?

You see, we are very different. At least in lifestyles and interests and experiences. At the same time we are very alike in lifestyles and interests and experiences. And humour.

Does that make sense to you?

Anyway, after that two hour chat up I just had to write about it, but now from North of 43 I am off to consider some of that conversation further!

Chris G September 14th ‘22

The Academy Awards were a Reminder

And that may be exactly what transpired last evening.

I have never been one for award shows because they tend to jump right off my own weirdo-meter. It always struck me funny that supposed accomplished actors fail repeatedly to project happiness, warmth, and genuine display of good character on camera and without a script.

The other odd thing is that we seem to judge actors by the characters they portray, so when one consistently comes across as endearingly charming and funny and cute in roles we often think that is what they are like. And of course that is ridiculous.

I suppose we all project a persona in public that is not entirely representative of who we truly are. It is just a part of the whole. Actors and actresses (although some females want to be referred to only as actors) just do it to a greater degree than we.

Some of you know from my Bridgesburning blog that I embrace this whole Nietzsche thing about truth and perception: There are no facts, only interpretation.

In the last few years we have had more than one mask falling off. More like torn off from purported ideals like democracy, that demonstrated laws and rules are only effective when followed, and when challenged repeatedly there is no consequence. So now we see what we believed to be true was false and chaos ensues all over the world.

Enough poor politicians not smart enough to properly fool the masses with a ’good spin’ ended up revealing the false basis of politicians world wide. Did we get smarter or are they just lousy at the game?

Things are changing, good old boys, and good old beliefs are failing in a spectacular fashion and something will replace it.

LIfe doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When something is removed or changed something else will replace it.

I wonder what it will be?

So deep thoughts of sorts from North of 43.

Chris G March 28th ’22

Purveyors of Truth and Why I Prefer Fiction Thank You Very Much

There seems to be a scarcity of truth these days, prevalent in every aspect of life. I guess one must ask, is that a true statement or has a mask been ripped off revealing what has always been there?

Four days ago the former Pope Benedict (who still lives in Vatican City) admitted to ‘giving false statement’ in a sexual abuse case. And what is this business of calling lies, false statements, as though that mitigates the severity of The Lie?

And don’t even get started on politics and THE SPIN. Years ago there was a TV series considered light comedy about an incompetent city official, a Mayor.

Back then people had faith in their elected officials so each week Michael J. Fox and his cast brought mirth and laughter into our homes. How funny there could actually be An Incompetent in an elected office

I believe fiction holds more truth than anywhere in the ’real’ world these days. There is a truth in fiction that no longer seems to exist in real life. I guess fiction can show an Ideal; truth, decency, right, wrong, good, bad. The lines-of-life seem to have become so blurred that we cannot distinguish one from the other .

But how the heck does one tell the difference?

Enough deep thoughts for the day. I am off to get my hair done because two weeks ago I chose a style I cannot live with and that is the truth!

May you fine truth in your own day and may it bring you joy on this Friday January 28th, 2022

Chris G