Wind, Ice, Snow, Not so HO HO HO

As much as I like snow, the couple of days before Christmas is not really prime time.

Say this photo from last year sure looks a lot like what is going on right now.

The airports are full of travellers, stranded, who really thought they would be spending the season in the sunny south. 146 flights have been shut down just in British Columbia and Ontario alone, and now Montreal has closed down more.

Families planning on getting together might not happen. Some folks stocked up lots of food for company and not too sure if there will be company.

Funniest thing on the weather news just now. The Weather person talked about the storm being in Canada and North America, and I laughed out loud at such ignorance. The North American continent is made up of both the USA and Canada.

But then I looked above at the satellite view and see it is labeled as being Canada and North America.


All I can say from here, North off 43 is that I hope all are safe and this Season filled with Joy!

Chris G Friday December 23rd ’22


Back on schedule Back on schedule

Although I seem to be doing better than ever this year I find myself singing a bit of the same song of many of my friends. That time is flying, busyness seems, well, busy.

For the first time in years my holiday prep was completed a few days ago. No stress wondering what what I was going to give. But my days have been full. How about you?

I didn’t think that applied to me but when I hear just about everyone I know say the same thing, I have to wonder how wide spread it is.

Is it age related? Could be because of course many of my peeps are of a certain age.

I love many things about winter. (and every other season). But I especially love ice on trees. This was taken off my balcony the other day.

It thrills me. Trees are beautiful to me. Naked and in full leaf.

This tree is the last one left this close to the building. In summer it shades my balcony. I am on the third floor and it is like a friend.

My counterpart here, JB, mentioned her list for the day when we Facetimed, and I realized it had been a couple of months since I made a list. Funny thing, that. For decades I have made lists.

Photo by on

Now that I think about it – it makes me feel in control. Even if I never complete the list. And it inspires me to take action.

The procedure is that I make my list before I go to bed. In the morning I review said list, and organize how I shall do it.

A great sense of satisfaction when it is done!

So I am off here at North of 43 to make a list. Yippee!

I do hope all is well with you. I have yet to catch up on your posts and JB’s posts and now that I have a list it will be accomplished!!

Chris G Friday December 16th ’22

Ghosts and goblins and…..

A friend and I went for a Sunday morning walk around the neighbourhood yesterday to see lawn decorations. For HALLOWEEN of course!

A young mother was also here with two of her three children. The oldest one who was five wouldn’t come because she was truly frightened. The other two who looked about three and two years old loved it!

I love that some folk go all out. I never did- too energetic for me but I sure enjoy the ones that do.

This place brought all smiles. So cheerful!

This witch is rather solitary but really amazing!


Someone painted a bare trunk and branch – which has nothing to do with Halloween but I just had to include it!

Now how ingenious is that?

And we still have some vibrant colours about.

All in all quite a lovely time of year here at North of 43

Chris G October 31st ‘22

Sometimes it’s nice just to take a breath and relax

When the world gets crazy, and it does, and you have done what you could, or, perhaps there is nothing you can do but pray, a few minutes of rest helps a wee bit.

Now if you are British, which many of my friends are, they swear a cuppa eases the pains of life somewhat.

But if you are more visual, then you can’t beat photos of nice scenery. And whilst JB New Zealand way is wondering if indeed spring has come for her part of the world, we in the northern hemisphere celebrate colour.

So here are a few soothing pics:

Our beautiful east coast recently savaged by Hurricane Ian, but that won’t stop nature’s art work.

Our French province Of Quebec. I think the accents of fall are known worldwide and need no interpretation.

National Geographic

Maine is beautiful any time of year but….

National Geographic
National Geographic

And lastly from Spring Bank Park in London, a city about an hour away.

So from North of 43 I hope you have had a moment of respite.

Chris G September 30th ‘22

Five Word Friday – Take Two

By now, most of you know that our Five Word Friday that occurs on the first Friday of each month actually has two First Fridays of the month here at AWA.

Yesterday, JB talked about the anticipation and joy in Spring approaching after their ‘winter’.

As I read I began to feel a little sad that summer was departing here. And then. And then. I remembered my own anticipation of approaching Autumn.

I know that plants blooming is a wondrous sign that winter is departing. But it’s different going from Summer to Autumn. It’s a much more graceful segue from the hazy lazy days of summer to vibrant bright clear cooler air of autumn.

Autumn approaching here – Eye Candy!

These photos from Shutterstock are not exaggerated. These are photos from my province Ontario. In Autumn.

I can’t adequately explain what it feels like to wake up to this sight every day for a few weeks. Breathtaking.

So I shan’t bemoan the passing of summer here at North of 43.

Chris G September 2nd ‘22


It’s Friday here in New Zealand and the first Friday of the month. So please join me for a little lightheartedness.
My five words?


Spring officially stars here in New Zealand on September 21 this year. But for most of us, September 1 heralds the long waited start to Spring and the hopes/dreams of a respite from the rainy winter we have just endured and thoughts of long summer days and evenings spent sipping cold G&Ts on the deck. Well the thoughts are mine. I can hardly wait for it to be warm enough to sit outside.

But whether you’re a September 1 or 21 kind of person, when it comes to the start of spring, rest assured the weather won’t necessarily go along with either.The seasons will unfold as they will, paying no attention to our efforts to constrain them for convenience.

JB September 2, 2022
Wellington, New Zealand