JB made this Limerick Day

This isn’t really National Limerick Day. Apparently that is May 12th. But Limericks are the fun topic of the day.

JB posted fun limericks by one of the authors’ of Murder is Everywhere, who allowed one of hers to be posted and also wrote a personal one for JB.

Now, how can I let that pass? So here is my effort!

It’s so much fun having JB back,

Her absence certainly caused a lack

Her interest now is not a trick

It’s all about The Limerick

And now I joined the poetic track!

Sort of. Not my best effort but so much fun!

So from North of 43, I wish you all a poetic night!

Chris G October 27th ‘22


Poetry Poetry Everywhere Poetry

Almost everything I read today

Was poetic and rhythmic

It had that sway.

Some rhymed, some chimed,

Some not at all

But the words

Had the power

To completely enthrall.

To take one’s mind

From a dreary world

To soothe the soul

Of a weary girl.

Therein lies

The point of it all,

The beauty of words

The beauty of worlds.

A poet I will never be

But Your words

I read with a definite glee.

So from here

At North of 43

I say goodnight

Quite happily!!

Chris G October 13th ‘22

I wish

I loved JB’s post yesterday.

You know the one with the game?

I really wish that I could play,

But cannot think of a single name.

The Seasons changed today,

My favourite time of year,

I really wish that I could play

But something else is very clear.

If wishes were horses

All Beggars would ride

If wishes came true

I could decide

To play the games,

Frolick in fall,

Make up names

And manage it all.

Sad to say I’m under the weather,

Happy to say not for long

My brain is more like a feather

Tomorrow, I am sure will be like a song!

So, from North of 43 I must bid you adieu, and wish you well!

Chris G September 23rd!

She walks in…..

BBB (brilliant blogging buddy LA from Waking Up On the Wrong Side of 50 gave me my favourite word of the week. One I didn’t know I had. But when I read her post I recognized it for what it was – inspiration. Of course, it helped that she had one of my favourite authors, Lord Byron, and his poem, She walks in beauty….

I LOVE Lord Byron! And your choice of word for the week. I shall adopt it for my week also! Thank you. I don’t think Grace is tied to religion but it is tied to spirit. Regardless of religion or lack thereof there can exist a state of grace.

Then JB, my alter ego here wrote about touring an art gallery pre-sale that looked marvellous. Looking at art, not buying, is another fave of mine and I love the pieces she showed us

So LA’s word of the week (an now mine is Grace). An old fashioned word I suppose but one that says so much.

When I googled Grace a lot of different and at the same time similar definitions popped up, all from reputable sources (one must always check the source when googling), and I sighed.

Yes, that is what I strive for. Though in my case, it is more Fake it til you make it sort of thing. I find the very idea inspiring.

Oh, BTW, LA is having a discussion on Grace and I already put my two cents worth in so if you get a chance do popover and have your say!

So, there you go folks, here at North of 43 I am off in pursuit of Grace!

Chris G August 27th ‘22