Ticket to Paradise

After the excitement of Opera at the Met on Saturday, today we went to the movies and saw a totally different tale.  George Clooney and Julia Roberts star in Ticket to Paradise.

This is a fun and frolicking movie.  Clooney and Roberts characters were married for 5 years and have been divorced for 20.  Their only child, a daughter Lily, travels to Bali after graduation and meets and falls in love with a local seaweed farmer.

Her parents for once agree, they travel individually to Bali to stop their daughter from marrying and making the same mistake they think they made 25 years earlier.

There is no great story to be told, but the film is brightened and lifted by the fantastic scenery and some hilarious interactions between the stars. And of course, the stars brighten the screen with their smiles and their facial movements.

But a great movie it is not.  I am left wondering why these two mega stars became involved in this story.  Maybe the idea of travelling to Australia to film it during Covid was the draw.  

Having said all that, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours as Wellington and New Zealand marked the Official Memorial Day for The Queen.

And now for the famous last line from Billy Wilder’s 1959 film, Some Like it Hot

“Well, nobody’s perfect!”

JB, Wellington NZ
September 26, 2022

Five More Words

As you may know, JB and LA from Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50 initiated Five Word Friday which takes place on the first Friday of each month. It’s kind of neat that JB’s Friday is always the day before LA and me, so its like getting 2 or 3 scoops of ice cream for the price of 1 scoop.

Stephen Colbert

So it caught my attention when I saw a YouTube clip about a late night host (Stephen Colbert) who asks his star guests 15 questions which will reveal their true selves, and the star was Daniel Craig. 007 himself.

The question – and answer I was most interested in was ’Describe the rest of your life in five words.

You guessed it. I was hooked. And I wondered what my five would be. I mean we’re talking about the rest of your life. My life. I wondered if age had anything to do with the kind of answer one might give, considering that people of my ilk have been described as living in God’s Waiting Room. Haha

Before I tell you my five, I will relate what a few others have said.

First, Daniel Craig could not come up with just five, so we’ll move on. He’s only 54 so….

Keanu Reeves at 57 yrs said, ”I’m going to be hopeful.” That’s petty good I think.

Matthew Dicks, an American novelist is 51 yrs, and he youthfully replied, ”I plan to live forever.” Ah the optimism of the young!

Tom Hanks at 65 yrs. old poetically replied, ”A magnificent cavalcade of colour.”

Bruce Springsteen at 72 years said, ”Damn, what a (bleeping) ride,”

Jennifer Lawrence at 31 yrs, came up short saying, ”Hopefully not too short.’ (short one word.

Bradley Cooper, at 47 years was the funniest. Answering off the top of his head said, ”Oh man, that’s two, yes!”

So I guess enough dallying around. How do I describe the rest of my life in five words??

INTENT ON DOING KIND THINGS. *DISCLAIMER- I may change this afrter3 further thought or wine, but given The God’s Waiting Room status probably not a bad idea.

So my question to you, from here at North of 43 is: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN FIVE WORDS?

Chris G May 11th’22

Let Me Entertain You…

When I was very young, you know, mid last century, no matter how busy the day, my mother finished by watching The Eleven O’clock News. No matter that the next day started a scant five or six hours later, she and The Day could not be put to bed before The Eleven O’clock News. Then, properly informed of Local, National, International, and Weather, in that order, she went to sleep.

People today, living in a society where so-called News is available twenty-four hours a day, (and believe me, anything available twenty-four hours a day is suspect -filler rather than quality – dressing rather than actual factual – mindless chatter and speculation with a spin, to keep You the Viewer entertained, to line pockets for the 1%). Oh my, I sense a possible rant there. Yikes.

Anyway, the point is that by nine something last night I had to make a decision, watch nothing notable in the couple of hours before bed, listen to an audio book whilst knitting something of note, or find something to cheer a dark and wintery night.

Since Betty White’s death, days before her one hundredth birthday last month, I have taken to watching her scenes and shows on YouTube. And I have laughed. So speaking into my magic TV remote, ’YouTube Betty White’ I instantly had a large selection of humour before me.

Betty White

Well, I focused (none of the multitasking we all brag about and think is a good thing when it isn’t), just mirth and real laughter. I watched some hilarious skits from shows then it segued into a Sonny and Cher show on which BW appeared.

Sonny & Cher

And the entertainment went up a notch. S&C always started their show with a song and a humorous chat. This particular episode (45 minutes of mirth) was after their divorce, about which they chatted and joked, and BW danced, sang, and did delicious skits.

I had forgotten what Entertainment was – real entertainment as in:

Let me entertain you/ Let me make you smile’ the lyrics from Gypsy

Quite a lovely way to end my day

May you find a bit of mirth and peace and laughter today on this February 3rd, 2022 at north of 43

Chris G


Not one of THOSE days but…

Have you ever opened your eyes and known this was going to be an outstanding day! One of excellence and good fortune? A fabulous day!

Photo by Jess Loiterton on Pexels.com

That’s me today. I just knew. So I leapt out of bed, swift as a gazelle (in my mind’s eye), showered, dressed in real clothes (not lock-down clothes), did hair, and make-up, determined to meet the day in style.

Here it is just 9:06 a.m., 3 fabulous things, outstanding wonderful things have already happened. And more to come! And if you count the temperature here at north of 43 at only minus 2C (instead of minus 27C) then 4 things to make this day even greater.

It has been a long long long dry spell.

This my friends, is a super short post because I am off – things to do! This spell may last only minutes or hours but I will celebrate every moment of it.

May your day be filled with some sort of blessing and the hope you will have something to celebrate too.

Chris G

Thursday January 13th, 2022

Is Life Really About Finding Joy? and What is That Blasted Beeping?

Photo by Natasha Fernandez on Pexels.com

One blog I enjoy is Samira’s Notebook . The other day she listed Happy Quotes which were amusing as well as happy. But number 3 caught my eye and mind. It was a quote attributed to Audrey Hepburn ”The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy. It’s all that matters.’

A few months ago I did a meditation with a Buddhist monk who, at one point, said something about The Purpose is finding Happiness.

None of this feels right to me. I believe happiness is a lovely thing to have but is transient and comes and goes. Life is hard, has challenges, and it is the moments of happiness or joy that strengthen us for the inevitable storms. I think the Most Important thing is something else, but I am not sure I can adequately explain it.

What do you think the most important thing in life is?

Oh! and that blasted beeping thing?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I have way too many devices. So this morning as usual I am sitting in bed checking my iPad for emails, news, blog notices, etc.

And from somewhere in my apartment there came a beep. Repeatedly. Probably 3 or 4 seconds apart. Now I had a very interrupted sleep last night for no good reason I could ascertain. (I now blame THE BEEP).

I went from room to room to determine location then back to my bedroom.


I looked around. What did I have nearby?

1 iPad. Not the beeper

1 iPhone 12 – not sure but don’t think that is it.

1 old Samsung Galaxy A10, not used as a phone but to play music and use an indoor temperature app I can’t find for iPhone.

Very old Acer Laptop I use strictly as a word processor when writing away from my desk. It is so light.

So I take the Samsung and the Acer out to the living room.

AHA! It is definitely one of them. BEEP

Turns out it was the Samsung needing some kind of attention to One Note which did not show on alerts. Finally.

Just now – another beep. Turns out it was my Wannabe Fitbit JyouPro that I got from Walmart for $19 on sale from $99 two years ago and does everything that FitBit does. It was signalling that it was fully charged.

I either need to streamline my gadgets or get a new one that identifies sleep-disturbing beeps.

Say, it’s minus 12C here at north of 43 on this January 7th, 2022. True winter has settled in, and there was JB a world apart buying summer flowers for the garden yesterday!

May you find some resemblance of peace or whatever you think is the important thing in life today!

Chris G

More Questions Please

A few years ago, somewhat disenchanted with perpetually unsuccessful New Year’s Resolutions I tried abandoning all attempts at this futile custom.

Then it occurred to me to set Goals instead of airy-fairy thoughts of ’Wannas’ that ended up in ’Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda’s’’, and invariably failed.

So JB and I started to formalize this process about three years ago. And the result has been rather amazing. Not in a world-shaking sort of way, but in a self-satisfaction-realization kind of way. We share our goals prior to Jan 1st, review and reassess in about June, and make a list of Accomplishments in December. I have achieved amazing things in the past three years – but that would be another blog, but things that were always Wannas and never once succeeded in the past.

Some clarification here: JB is the Doer and I am the Thinker. While I think, she just goes ahead and does. And what happens most often at the end of the year she says, ’I can’t think of a single thing I have accomplished.’ And then, I, having thought so much, list for her things she has achieved (which is always considerable). I guess I am the list-keeper.

Goals are kept few in number which helps make them achievable. I figure it is better to succeed at one thing than to fail at many. A Plan of Action ensures achievability. The Wanna is no good if you don’t know how you are going to get there. I often make changes to the PoA once I see the effectiveness of it.

If the above seems a bit blurry it is because the path is not always clear.

More clarification: This is not a blurb about goals etc. There are lots of experts who will tell you far more and far better.

The thought that crossed my mind this morning was – When I shake my head in bafflement (frequently these days), is it because the world has become such a confusing place or is it because of my age?

My next thought was that the problem seems to be that everyone has found a voice, thanks to Social Media, and just never shut up. No one seems to listen. Everyone, it seems, just wants to expound on every one of the estimated 6,200 thoughts that apparently go through the human brain in a day. True number? Who knows. I just Googled it. Really how would one even figure that number out?

Anyway, the point is that I think there are too many opinions and not enough questions.

So in working out Goals for 2022, asking questions and seeking answers is going to be Number One. I am off to write my PoA.

It really is quite satisfying to embrace the above statement.

If you set one goal for the next year what would it be? You don’t have to share it but the result might be amazing.

Chris North of 43

December 28, 2021