I haven’t talked much about the fantastic resort in Bali to which we recently went. It is classed as 5-stars, but over the years I have been in many 5-star hotels and resorts and I have never seen anything come close to this one. But more of that later.

Today I want to tell you about one of the restaurants in the resort. It is called Koral and it is a joy to behold. The food is amazing, the presentation is in a class of its own but the piece de résistance is the fish swimming around and coming up to the glass, so close almost on your plates and eating with you.

This was a constant show and at one stage a diver went down into the water among the fish. They detected no threat and so ignored him. He came over and tapped on the window beside us. Unfortunately, that was in a video and I can’t upload videos here.

There was a short arch through which we walked to get to our table. Here there are six tables and the fish swim around and over the heads of the diners. Unfortunately, we were told those tables are booked at least four months in advance.

JB standing in amazement watching the fish doing their thing and ignoring us. For once I was speechless.

So a wonderful meal that came in a close second to the fish entertainment.

I couldn’t resist buying a book that describes the fish swimming around us. I know that my No3 grandson will love it.

And now JB is back in Wellington
waiting for the Spring, but with very happy memories. November 2, 2022


Look Who is Coming to Dinner!

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

I have written before about this cookbook and how it makes fun of the pretentious while delivering some really good recipes.  On looking through it today for some inspiration I came across this:

This picture accompanied the suggestion that we assemble a nightmare selection of guests for a party.  Thinking about this, my suggestion is:

  • Film star or celebrity
  • Woman CEO of a major company
  • A rising young author- female to balance the gender
  • Repertory actor
  • Accountant
  • Backbencher (for those who don’t know this is a member of the parliament who doesn’t hold a Ministerial portfolio)

The actor, the writer and the star will no doubt have had to starve at times while making their fortune and the rep actor probably is still starving.  So they will be reasonably easy to please.  No doubt the  career woman has” had to fight tooth and claw to establish herself in a man’s world and she’s nobody’s fool” and the accountant probably has an ulcer or is diabetic because of the stresses and strains of his chosen profession.  And the Backbencher is used to being fawned over and eating at Bellamy’s (or the equivalent of the restaurant in the seat of government) so he is likely to be more demanding.

So what would you serve this nightmare group?  Our author suggests two menus but for these disparate and perhaps difficult people I would serve:

Chilled cucumber soup because they would be so busy talking and trying to impress each other that a hot starter would soon get cold.
Roast New Zealand lamb a la Jamie Oliver, French green beans and a large green salad
For dessert, Pavlova (from the bakery of course) with fresh fruit and cream*
Followed by brandy or a liquor of their choice, freshly brewed coffee, cheese selection and crackers.

Hopefully, this will impress the career woman, the accountant and the Backbencher and totally ‘blow the socks off ” the other three.

Image via wikipedia

*Pavlova is a dessert with a meringue base, topped with fresh fruit and fresh cream.  It is the subject of hot arguments between New Zealanders and Australians as to which of them first introduced this dessert.  But we all agree that a well-made Pav takes a lot of beating- excuse the pun!

Then hopefully, they would all make their way home having been thoroughly entertained by the other guests and well fed by me.  Leaving me to clear the table and do the dishes and all those other follow-up chores after a party.

And then hopefully, the next day they will tell their friends –

“I went to a marvellous party,
I must say the fun was intense,
We all had to do
What the people we knew
Would be doing a hundred years hence…”
From I went to a Marvellous Party, 
Sir Noel Coward

JB Looking very pleased with herself afer a successful
dinner party.
Wellington, September 22 ,2022