Five Word Friday

The first Friday of the month, so it’s Five Word Friday. And my Five Words –

Great excitement. in a suburb close to home; one where I spend many hours each week.. A new access lane has at last been completed. What was to have taken 3 months to complete has taken close to a year.

There is to be a grand opening with the Mayor of Wellington and various celebrities in attendance. Because the newly completed lane will end in the carpark shared by Karori Arts and Crafts, it has been decided that we will have an open day to showcase some of the activities of the Centre.

And as we consider writing an art, I have to show what we do in our Take a Trip Down Memory Lane courses and our Memory Writing meetings.

So that’s what I have been up to today.

JB Wellington, NZ
December 2, 2022


You Can’t Beat Wellington on a Good Day

So say those of us who choose to live in our little Capital city.

And today has been one such day. Well to be honest, we have had a short run of good days but I think today has outshone them all.

On this Spring day, I have been sitting outside reading without any sign of the wind that compares us to Chicago. What am I reading? The Death of Santini by Pat Conroy. I have read all of his novels and now am learning about the man, his overbearing, demanding, threatening father, his mother who never really climbed out of the Appalachians where she grew up and his six brothers and sisters. The book doesn’t try to hide the terrible childhood but this no doubt, made him into the man he became.

So forgive me if I go back to reading more of this fascinating true story.

JB In the sunshine
Wellington New Zealand
November 6, 2022


It’s Friday here in New Zealand and the first Friday of the month. So please join me for a little lightheartedness.
My five words?


Spring officially stars here in New Zealand on September 21 this year. But for most of us, September 1 heralds the long waited start to Spring and the hopes/dreams of a respite from the rainy winter we have just endured and thoughts of long summer days and evenings spent sipping cold G&Ts on the deck. Well the thoughts are mine. I can hardly wait for it to be warm enough to sit outside.

But whether you’re a September 1 or 21 kind of person, when it comes to the start of spring, rest assured the weather won’t necessarily go along with either.The seasons will unfold as they will, paying no attention to our efforts to constrain them for convenience.

JB September 2, 2022
Wellington, New Zealand

The Second Five Word Friday for the First Friday of March 2022

You may remember that JB and LA decided to start a Five Word Friday Challenge for the first Friday of each month. February was the first go around. My FWF is always the second FWF since JB, far to the west and in the southern hemisphere is a day ahead.

Five Words for today

Dogs in Restaurants Illegal – Ontario

Five more words for today:

Allowed on patios – not inside

There is a delightful cafe where I meet friends a few times a week (when we are not shut down of course)

There is a couple that bring a dog in that they hold over the food counter so everyone can appreciate it’s loveliness.

Discussion has taken place a number of times about whether or not this is appropriate. Other owners have started bringing dogs in.

Apparently the owners of Cafe and Pets have decided it is their personal choice.

But there is a law.

**PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT ANTI-DOG ANTI-PET – they are unconditional love, and don’t we need more of that?

So what does one do?

I can report them to the authorities. *I would not do this

I can go elsewhere but my friends like the Cafe – it is quite marvellous.

I guess that ends the discussion for me because I feel if I object to something but choose to do nothing about then I have no right to complain.

My friends are a bit at odds. Some feel that if you object to something you are obligated to complain. Some feel confrontation of any sort should be avoided.

I enjoy seeing these friends so I will keep my head down as we all agree that this is our preferred place.

What do you think?

Well that’s a big question from north of 43 over five simple words.

Chris G Friday March 4th’22

The Second First Five Word Friday


Ok, first things first, JB thought it would be fun to start a Five Word Friday Challenge. And so, yesterday, her Friday was the first one. The Challenge takes place on the first Friday of each month.

Now here at about 80W longitude and north of 43 Friday is today. Time travel of a sort.


Yesterday, for the first time I decided to try Grocery delivery – to save time, effort (lugging groceries at 74 has become what I call painful but in fact is just a nuisance), and an experiment (you know I love experiments) to see if it affects non-necessary shopping (friends insist it does), and treat myself to a bit of luxury. JB has been doing this for a few months and loves it.

So I went on-line, ordered, put in credit card info, chose an available delivery time between 5 and 6 last evening. Yippee!

Got a call at 6:15 saying could not deliver then (I was happy with that because it had begun to snow heavily and I really did not want someone to have to be on the road just for delivery), but they would deliver this morning between 10-11.

I am not unhappy with this as sometimes things happen and unless there is a problem with the actual items I ordered, I can see this becoming routine!

OH and I am also happy that it gave me my first second Five Word Friday!


Sun, snow, summer, winter, here at north of 43 I wish you all a lovely day!

Chris G Friday February 4th, 2022