Scarred Desks and Rosie O’Grady

When the children were young, think forty-fifty years ago, we had cats and dogs. Well actually only one of each; Candy who was the colour of a halloween candy, and Fagan, a black and white Lab mix.

For a number of reasons I decided to get a cat. I had firm rules in place – must be healthy, perhaps a couple of years old (you know – past the teething crazy stage -). So I decided on a rescue.

I won’t go into the the frustrations of adopting through some Rescue programs, but, one had an application form, needed photos of my home to make sure it was suitable, involved and interview for the same reason, and a commitment to pledge any number of things and to consider putting it in my Will etc etc etc.

Anyway through another Rescue I sent an email related to a photo on the site, spoke with someone on the phone, and arranged to go see the pet and to take a cat carrier if the interview went well.

My first impression was that she looked rather mangy, but I looked at her and wondered what some comfort and good food and the prerequisite loving would do. A vet has placed her at about two years. She is tiny at seven pounds. By what we know of her history, life has not been easy or kind for her.

I have had her three days and she is not perfect, like me. She is an excellent match. Well tempered, as am I. (haha)

She likes music, it soothes her. It soothes me.

I always thought I was happy living alone, but it is quite amazing the different she makes.

Her name is Rosie, and I have given her a last name, O’Grady. Rosie O’Grady. I thought this Scots mixed house could use a little Irish in it.

You see in the above photo a very scratched scarred glass desk. I have had it a long long time. Occasionally, it crosses my mind to get something new and shiny. The glass is nice because my apartment is very small (perfect for me), and the glass gives the appearance of space.

But, I like the old desk. It feels like comfort, inspiration.

So, that’s what is new here at North of 43 where I am missing our fine winter snow which has been washed away by lots of rain, but, we have a few more weeks of winter to go!

Chris G January 10, 2023


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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what β€˜an old lady’ should be.

9 thoughts on “Scarred Desks and Rosie O’Grady”

  1. You won’t regret getting Rosie. Every cat has a distinct personality, just like people. She looks a lot like my Teddy. He is very shy, kinda grumpy, and doesn’t care much for the other two cats. I have had him for about 11 years and we get along fine.


  2. I set up a table in the living room as a temporary working space about two years back. I thought I’d remove it once I was done with my teaching contract. But now I find that I can’t work anywhere else in the house. That table (and nook) means something to me now. I think you’re doing the right thing by sticking with that weathered table!

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