The celebrations, activities, and festivities continue here for a couple of weeks after Christmas Many people take their annual leave at this time, so offices have only a skeleton staff and some retailers change their opening hours.

The town is quiet and fairly free of the usual hum of cars, pedestrians, and shoppers.

So I find it difficult to keep track of the days. And that’s my excuse for writing this post a day late.

Now what else to write about. Our lovely summer has come to a grinding halt. We have had rain almost continuously for the past three days. Friends came for lunch on Thursday but we couldn’t eat outside as we had done on previous days. But because PollyAnna is alive and well in Wellington, the upside is our gardens all needed the rain and I haven’t had to go out and water mine.

And today because I was heartily sick of finding things to do while the rain poured down, I made a pot of coffee and sat in my very comfy armchair with a new book.

Via Wikipedia

Have you come across Tony Park? He is an Australian author who with his wife, spends his time between Sydney, Australia and a private nature reserve near the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Many of his novels are set in South Africa. The book I spent all day reading is entitled Blood Trail and it is his latest in a long list of published books.

Apart from getting more coffee and then a sandwich for lunch, I have sat all day reading. What better way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon!

JB, January 7, 2023
Wellington New Zealand, in the rain


11 thoughts on “FIVE WORD FRIDAY”

  1. Happy New Year! A day spent reading a new book is a good day. The festivities continue until January 6th here as Three Kings Day is a big festival here. (More important than Christmas) Today the decorations come down.

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  2. I agree, Judith: “What better way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon!”
    I had here south of Sydney a very wet Friday. Maybe, yesterday, Friday, I should have stayed home all day reading too. However my Fridays are always very busy with meeting friends. I did not want to miss out on these well planned meetings. So, I went out despite all that rain.
    Today, Saturday, the rain had stopped, and I went for a very long walk, and just by chance was able to meet two good friends to talk to for quite a while sitting down with them having coffee and a little snack. Actually, I had a really good time with these friends and laughed a lot.
    I turned the TV off now. Maybe I should settle down for the night and read one of my new books!

    Call the Midwife was on TV tonight, which I find quite interesting! 🙂

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