You Can’t Beat Wellington on a Good Day

So say those of us who choose to live in our little Capital city.

And today has been one such day. Well to be honest, we have had a short run of good days but I think today has outshone them all.

On this Spring day, I have been sitting outside reading without any sign of the wind that compares us to Chicago. What am I reading? The Death of Santini by Pat Conroy. I have read all of his novels and now am learning about the man, his overbearing, demanding, threatening father, his mother who never really climbed out of the Appalachians where she grew up and his six brothers and sisters. The book doesn’t try to hide the terrible childhood but this no doubt, made him into the man he became.

So forgive me if I go back to reading more of this fascinating true story.

JB In the sunshine
Wellington New Zealand
November 6, 2022

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