What Was I Thinking?

I know that it is my turn to post today, so why did I spend the afternoon with a friend and then dinner with another one, allowing me no time to write. So, 10.30 pm here and no idea what to write about.

I must say that Chris’s post yesterday horrified me. Particularly the photo of the school teacher who thinks it acceptable to turn up to school in a totally inappropriate form of dress.

I thought about all the outcry around much of the world in 2011 about the young woman who had to adhere to the dress code of Harrods or risk losing her job. The part of the code about which she was arguing was the need to wear makeup at all times at work. Read about it here.

So if a young woman is either sacked or forced to leave her chosen place of business because of an item in the dress code to which she cannot or will not adhere, how come then a teacher, in charge of a mixed class of children, teenagers perhaps, is allowed to appear at school in this ridiculous, and embarrassing to young women, attire.

I think I have said enough. I share Chris’s embarrassment and trust that the Halton District School Board works quickly to right this very obvious wrong happening right now. Perhaps the Board and the teacher should dwell upon the quote from Loretta Young –

“Wearing the correct dress for any occasion
is a matter of good manners.”
Loretta Young. American actress, 1913-2000

A Very Grumpy JB
September 28, 2022
Wellington NX


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