Not Forgetting!

I wrote this on Monday, and now it’s Friday, and wondered whether to share. it. Obviously, I decided to.

As a British subject, living on the other side of the world far from Queen and country, I have always been totally in awe of The Queen. I remember when we watched her marry her prince; when we learned of her accession to the throne; a day off from school for the coronation. So many memories over 70 years. And yes I am a Monarchist. But…

9/11 passed by here with hardly a murmur. 21 years and have we forgotten? There was little coverage in our news media, and I read no comments about the day on WordPress. Maybe there were posts on blogs I don’t read.

Most of the news here was about the Queen‘s passing. I agree she was a very good Monarch and somebody to look up to, but I wonder if we should be spending so much time on this 1 person’s death almost ignoring the 2996 who died because of 9/11. 

Just a Brit,  thinking on the other side of the world.

JB Wellington NZ
September 16, 2022

16 thoughts on “Not Forgetting!”

    1. There will be more to come over the next few days about the cool I wasn’t intended to be detrimental to Her Majesty.. It’s just as though the death of 2,996 people was being pushed aside for one.


  1. Thank you so much for your caring! In the US we had quite a bit of coverage of 9/11. Each of the three sites has recognition ceremonies that are televised. I had tears off and on as I flipped between all the emotional scenes. I do wonder though how immune to history and tragedy we are getting as a society. Everything’s reduced to news blips. And then we get up and move on.

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  2. Of course here in the U.S., there was plenty of talk about 9/11, but the queen’s death has certainly dominated. This year, I noticed not even a single mention of the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. It is a puzzle, what makes the news.

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