The Case of the Missing Card.

Today is Friday here in a very wet Wellington. On Wednesday my daughter cleared the mailbox and handed me a rather woebegone envelope. It contained a card from my alter ego on here, Chris.

Of course, I was delighted to receive a card from her but thought “Oh well. She’s losing it” when I saw the date, August 2021 penned in. Then when speaking with Chris yesterday, she said she hadn’t sent me a card, but when I showed her the card and envelope she remembered sending it to me when my sister died last year. Hence the date August 2021.

So the question now arises “Where has the car been for the past twelve months?” I guess we will never know.

Scaffolders working in the pouring rain.

And a little excitement to brighten an otherwise ho-hum day –
Don’t know what they found to be cheerful about.

Now off to discuss an insurance claim – my car was smashed into on the way to Wine and Crime last night. The other driver admitted fault but the main problem is I shall be without a car for the days it will take to fix it. Could be worse – nobody was injured.

JB August 19, 2022

14 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Card.”

    1. Well the card must have been held somewhere. And nobody was hurt in the accident so no big problem. Sorry about your ongoing problems with state owned enterprises, our main problem currently is more and more rain.


  1. I find it kind of magical when letters find their way after many months, or even longer. There was a story here in the U.S. several years ago about a mail carrier who had been shortening his route by dumping mail into his garage. When he died, people received mail that had been in boxes for years!

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    1. Well, it has been somewhere, but where? My thought is it had been in an unattended mailbox to be found when new owners moved into the house. Or, as Chris says, maybe it came in the water. It had certainly been very wet at some stage.


  2. I’m glad you were not injured in the accident. Once I went to my post office and they handed me a box of mail dated back two years. I asked where it came from and they shrugged their shoulders. It included a beaded sash I had ordered from Etsy for my daughter’s graduation (a year before) and many bills I had never received, but got phone calls about.

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    1. That would have been very annoying, particularly if you were charged interest on overdue bills. Neither of us gave a thought to the mail until it turned up this week.


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