Three Books Aren’t Too Many

It’s Five Word Friday, the first Friday of each month where we describe in Five Words exactly, our life or thoughts in the moment. This is the brain child of my partner here at AWA and LA our New York blogging friend.

So you get to read JB’s Five Word Friday the day before you get to read ours, her side of the world occurring one day before ours. BTW LA’s today is Barcelona is an awesome place! Sorta gives you an idea about where she is currently. And JB’s is Time out from Care Home.

It wasn’t difficult to come up with my five words.

Three Books Aren’t Too Many

Below are the three from my library, on my iPad.

I’ve been in a Jeffery Deaver kind of mood, having just finished his latest The Midnight Lock.

James Patterson by James Patterson caught my eye – I always like info from the horse’s mouth as it were, when it comes to my authors. The personal touch.

The Silva Method by Hans deJong caught my eye sometime ago and I had been on the ‘wait list’ for sometime and it finally came in yesterday. The wait list surprised me as it was publish yesterday in 1986, but having said that the wait list for How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is still a hot item and takes months to get.

So from here at North of 43 I must be off and get reading. A true pleasure I might add. And. What are your five for today?

Chris G August 5th ‘ss

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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

7 thoughts on “Three Books Aren’t Too Many”

  1. You are right, three books aren’t too many. I almost always have three on my Kindle. Like you I have a wish list and a hold list. I guess my five words would be Books are better than TV.

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