FiveWord Friday

August 5 and the First Friday in the month,

My five words? Time Out From Care Home

Today, I took my friend out for lunch, the first time she has been out for any length of time since she first arrived at her new abode.. We went to a small local bistro and both enjoyed a warming bowl of French onion soup. Perfect on a cold, blustery, midwinter day.
No wine for her as she had been given a dose of morphine before we left the complex.
After the soup was finished we went for a drive around the seafront. Not much to see as the cloud was down low and Soames Island was almost a myth. So I bought coffee and we sat for a short time looking at the debris the bad weather had brought and deposited on the beach.

Soon she was tired and wanted to go back “home”. A short but I hope, pleasant break from the monotony of the care home.

JB July 05,2022. Paraparaumu, NZ.

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