Friday Fashions

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Description automatically generatedYesterday, with the other three members of MASS (Mutual Admiration Society Sisters) I went to an exhibition entitled Carry Me. This was a celebration of 100 years of handbags.

The introduction claimed “An exquisite exhibition showcasing the history of handbags over the last 100 years

” ‘Carry Me’ is a boutique collection of over 50 classic (and sometimes curious) and infamously luxurious handbags connected to some of the most iconic and famous fashionistas of the last century; Including Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Lady Diana. (sic)  From private Italian collections and exclusive to Upper Hutt, this exhibition is your chance to celebrate what has become much more than a mere fashion accessory, but a commentary on society and culture.”

Some of the handbags were well known to us, for instance, the Louis Vuitton tote bag, which has been around for many years; The Jackie Bag designed for Jackie Kennedy by Gucci; Dior’s iconic Lady Bag was originally called Chouchou but was later renamed in 1996 to the “Lady Dior” bag after Diana, Princess of Wales was seen wearing it on several occasions.

via Pintrest

Some were less memorable and some were downright forgettable, I was so intrigued that I forgot to take photos. However, here is one from Pinterest that gives a good impression of the sorts of bags on display.

This was a good way to spend an hour or so on a cold, wet Wellington Friday.
One of us had a bright red Hermes bag with her.  She doubted it was an original and I took my YSL for which I have a certificate of authenticity, having been given it many years ago in response to my taking interest in and helping a woman.  Her son had been out of the country for some time and when he returned he thanked me with this gift.  It is a much-treasured possession.

via Pinterest

My favourite of the bags on display is definitely the Lady Dior bag loved by Diana, Princess of Wales.

From another wet, Wellington, winter evening
JB July 30, 2022


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