No. Not alcohol or any other drugs but dependency on the things we have come o take for granted.

For weeks/months? we have been sympathising with Granny on the sporadic supply of water and electricity in her part of South Africa. It appears that almost every day one or other of the services is cut – how hard that must make life for Granny.

Well, today I woke up and only part of the apartment had power. The first clue to something being wrong? The bedside light didn’t work and the radio clock was off. Even my trusty totem, my rock salt lamp was off. To make that first cup of tea I had to move the kettle to the other end of the bench.

Over my many years, I have learned first place to check is the fuse box. All looked well but what do I know? Anyway, a friendly electrician answered my call for help. His first port of call was the fuse box. He checked and all was in order. Then he checked all the powerpoints. They were in order. He then asked did I have an RCD. Um. A Residual Current Device. Once he described it I could show him which powerpoint had the device. He reset it and all was well. He then said he would check the outside powerpoint for the heat pump as he was here. And I am glad he did. We have had torrential rain for several days. Water had got into the box holding the plug and that had caused the RCD to trip.

So now Granny I am moving on from sympathy to empathy. I have some real idea of what life must be like when the power keeps going. off. And oh yes, it was only 13 degrees and the heat pump wasn’t working.

It’s still raining, but now it’s warm inside. The coffee maker has been happily bubbling away. The laundry s washed and dried, and dinner was cooked for my son this evening. So once again. all is well in my little corner of the world.

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JB July 20, 2022
On a wet, windy, Wellington night.


10 thoughts on “Dependency”

  1. Hi Chris.
    I feel your pain.
    We were lucky last night.
    Well, M was.
    Lights were due to off at eight.
    They only went off at eight thirty.
    I suspect the guy responsible for flipping the switch was a cricket love.

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  2. Trouble starts because you ladies are at the mercy of a male designed and constructed system…it’s like the work-shovel…originally designed to be used only with a male navvy boot!…As a tradie (carpenter) I inherently know that unless a fuse switch is thrown, half the house eletrical supply will not shut down…except…if there is some alien concept (water in this case) introduced into the system that causes a short in the supply (that I am certain your electrician was aware of)…I am aware of this because I was there talking to the electrician about electrical circuts when first building the house….We men hold our trade secrets close to our chests…You ladies are at our mercy!!


  3. “Hiawatha’s Wooing”
    “As unto the bow the cord is,
    So unto the man is woman,
    Though she bends him, she obeys him,
    Though she draws him, yet she follows,
    Useless each without the other!”
    Thus the youthful Hiawatha
    Said within himself and pondered,
    Much perplexed by various feelings,
    Listless, longing, hoping, fearing,
    Dreaming still of Minnehaha,
    Of the lovely Laughing Water,
    In the land of the Dacotahs.” (Longfellow ; The Song of Hiawatha)

    I confess such sentiment is so dated these days…

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