Thoughts for Thursday

“What is it with you and that book?”
Rafael laughed. “We have a personal relationship.” 
Benjamin Alire SáenzAmerican poet, novelist,

and writer of children’s books

Lunch today was cancelled because one friend had a horrible cold and didn’t want to go out nor did she want to give it to us.

So time for me. But where did the three hours I would have spent between leaving home and returning go?

The groceries were delivered bright and early (what a godsend that is to we oldies), and then the FaceTime chat with Chris. We talk twice each week, usually for an hour or so – 10.30 am my time so I have the rest of the day before me; while Chris, some 16 hours behind me, is looking forward to her evening activities.

I had promised myself that I would use this unexpected free day on myself. So I took out my book and continued reading with the sun pouring in the open doors, my Grandson’s cat, Flashcat at my feet and a steaming cup of tea at hand.

Have you discovered Caro Ramsay’s books? Caro is a Scottish mystery writer and we are told “Caro was born in Govan, on Glasgow’s south side. A graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, she runs a large osteopath centre in West Scotland, treating animals and humans, and writes in her spare time.”

So far “in her spare time” she has written 13 books in the Anderson and Costello series, two stand-alone novels and a cookbook. I wonder what I could have achieved in my spare time.

Caro is a member of the Murder Is Everywhere group of mystery writers and it is here that I first met her. Her Anderson and Costello novels are set in Glasgow and as I lived just 8 miles north of Glasgow in a little village called Kirkintilloch (I dare you to try and pronounce that if you are not Scottish) I know most of the places about which she writes. Anderson and Costello are a Detective Inspector and his Detective Sergeant. Caro is obviously on very good terms with her local police because these police procedural novels ring true.

I have started at the beginning of the series Absolution and am now on book three, so there’s a long way to go and many books for me to read. I will, of course, write reviews on my other site, for Goodreads and occasionally on this site.

So I am listening to what David Baldacci says as I sit reading. What a wise man he is!

From Pinterest

So back to Anderson and Costello and until the next time.

JB with Chris in the corner
June 23, 2022

11 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday”

  1. Talk about focused free time! I’m writing a book. It’s taking FOREVER. I find it a struggle to focus for more than 15 minutes at a time right now! One sentence at a time is what keeps me going in a world of distraction! I think my book and I are having relationship issues! Lol. Mona

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