Typical, Topical, Tuesday

Tuesday night in Wellington in June. It’s winter here and so tonight the wind is blowing and the rain is falling down; a good night to stay home in one’s dry, warm house.

But no. We had tickets to the opening night of the French Film Festival and when we left home, the rain hadn’t started. So off to a favourite place for an early dinner.

Accompanied of coir with a glass of Prosecco.

Then. the movie. An early start – 6.15 pm. This year the main sponsor is L’Or – coffee pods and capsules. We missed the opening address by the French representative in New Zealand, but we have heard all the earlier ones, so what did we miss?

“There are people all over the world
who carry the mermaid inside them.”
Carolyn Turgeon. Author and editor in chief of

Enchanted Living (formerly Faerie Magazine)

The movie was a Mermaid in Paris. First a question – Do you believe in Mermaids? Well, it’s hard not to be a believer when it comes to A Mermaid in Paris. The film almost reaches true fairytale territory, even though it’s done on a small scale with few characters it arguably feels more believable as a result. But whether or not you actually believe in mermaids is not the real issue here, as the film is more concerned with how beautiful it is to believe in anything at all.

A delightful movie and 90 minutes will take you from the real world to the world of fantasy and belief, whether or not you believe in mermaids, unicorns and fairies.

Here’s the trailer. Watch it and then answer my question.

And my answer to the question – of course I believe in mermaids, and unicorns, and fairies. Well, Pollyanna is alive and well and living in Wellington New Zealand.

JB June 7, 2022

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