Is it Written in the Stars?

“The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars
but in ourselves.”
William Shakespeare

Many of my friends read their horoscope daily – do you? Many years ago I came to the conclusion that they could not be in any way real, as how many peoples star was Pisces or any of the others.

But just occasionally they do make sense. An example was the day my daughter was born – the horoscope “You must push harder”. Well, I did.

Pisces via Pinterest

Following a comment from Chris this morning, I decided to look at my horoscope for the first time in several years.

The first one declared – “You feel balanced and relaxed; your good mood is infectious, and there isn’t anything that is likely to get you down or prevent you from being in such a good mood. “

But wait, the second one I looked at said – “Stand up for yourself, Pisces! Aggro Mars slams into your ruler, mild-mannered Neptune, today—in your sign, no less. A difficult dilemma might compel you to take a firmer stand than you ever have before.”

So what am I to think? . I am having a very relaxing day. A long FaceTime chat with Chris the other half of this duo and then an even longer lunch with friends from way up the North Island. But when I got to the railway station on the way home,, waving my stick and walking just as fast as I could, the train pulled away as I reached the door. But it was only a 30-minute wait for the next one, on a cold railway platform. Ho hum! So perhaps the first reading was correct, or perhaps Aggro Mars made the train manager not see me or made him ignore me.

Now, to round off the day, we have our monthly Wine and Crime meeting. We get together to discuss the books we have read. It’s interesting to hear the different takes when more than one of us has read a certain book. Well, that’s what it is all about – different women, different thoughts and ideas.

So a good day more plus than minus.

And I would like to follow Chris who yesterday on behalf of both of us, thanked the 117 folks who have chosen to follow our blog. We write for you and hope you continue to be interested or amused by what we write.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

JB May 19, 2022

11 thoughts on “Is it Written in the Stars?”

  1. I used to read my horoscope when I read a daily paper that included it, but that was like 40 years ago. If I see something that says something like “the best pet for your sign” I will totally click on it to see…fyi, the best pet for my sign is an English bulldog, apparently, when I totally prefer small, furry dogs

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