The Neglected Five Word Friday – on a Saturday!

A few months ago JB and LA decided to implement Five Word Friday for the first Friday of each month.

LA was brilliant with an exclamation about her fave team!

And AWA? Let’s just say our Five Words that did not show up yesterday are”


A few weeks ago, struck by twin Muses a world apart, we began a flurry of fine writing that changed:

Our schedules (once a week became twice to discuss progress and character and plot development)

Our minds in how we perceive and conceive,

Our Priorities (meaning the every day routines that kept our lives and homes orderly have um… perhaps taken a step down in importance *At least one of us – alright it’s me, is champing at the bit to get going, but looking around I see I will spend some time this morning doing a bit of spit and polish.

We are not writing the same story, though there are similarities, one of which is that characters we thought were main characters have stepped back as the spotlight has been taken over by people we thought were not primary. And the stories are the better for it.

We don’t know how long this creative attraction will last though it seems to have grown a life of it’s own, and quite frankly we have been working on some aspect of these stories on and off for years, but I do know we are having a tremendous amount of fun!

So with the best of intentions (you know, that paved road,) and thanks to the miracle of the calendar, we won’t miss another Five Word Friday!

I think.

From North of 43 may your Saturday/ Sunday bring you some joy.

Chris G May 7th’22

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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

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