Fumbling on Friday!

“Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you a headache, twist your face to look stupid.
Instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.” 
Michael Bassey Johnson, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur 1994 –

On a beautiful autumn Friday, I made my way north on the recently completed multibillion-dollar highway.  Until early last month, getting to my son’s house some 45km from mine, followed the road through suburbs, towns, and small villages, with, of course, the ubiquitous/necessary traffic lights on the way.  Now, it’s non-stop and quite an interesting drive.  In places, the road sits high above the populated areas.  The only other time I have been on the road I was a passenger and so could see what was beneath us.  As a driver I was amazed at the engineering work carried out to bring this road into being. 

But then on arriving I realised it was my turn to write a post.  But what to write about?

JB Thinking. Writing?

I have been following Cindy as she worked her way through the alphabet in an April challenge.  I thought that her use of Zip for Z was perfect and so I am using it today (thanks Cindy)  as apart from the new highway, the brilliant weather, and the greetings received from Daisydog when I arrived, I have ZIP to write about.


Always ready for a walk. Thank you Granma!
JB April 29, 2022


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