The Day The Rain Came

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.”

Anthony J D’Angelo. American author

For farmers across the country, the rain that fell overnight was welcome. This year summer with its heat has continued well into April. But the usual summer showers have not. 

Easter usually, is celebrated(?)  with a wet tent and holidaymakers looking for somewhere to go. But not this year.  It was a perfect four-day break, sunny, warm and delightful. 

I think back on the Easters when the children were younger. We had a boat that we kept at Lake Taupo some 300 km from Wellington. and so on Thursday of Easter, we would pack up the car and take off for the weekend. We always hoped it would be four good days and we could get out on the lake and do some fishing or water skiing; however it so rarely worked out that way.  Mostly it was several miserable, wet days in a motel or hotel, with two children totally bored and itching to get out on the water.

And then when the sun did eventually come out, the mood immediately shifted as we all traipsed happily to where the boat was moored.

Alas for me, those days are now over.  My son keeps his boat in the location where my DYS stored his, and he and his family spend many hours fishing, water skiing and generally enjoying this beautiful area.

So, thanks for the much. needed rain and special thanks to the weather gods for a stunning Easter weekend.

With that weekend and the following days in mind, we can now move on to the cooler, wet days of autumn in New Zealand.

JB April 21, 2022


8 thoughts on “ The Day The Rain Came”

  1. We had a rather rainy winter and now spring seems a bit dry. The last couple of summers were miserably hot and humid, and we are told to expect the same this year. I am going to try and not complain this year!


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