Perceptions of a near perfect day..

Ah, the near perfect day is one that ends with a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and aggrandizement.

So what gives this illusion in spite of 2 days of driving snow when it should be golf not shovelling on the schedule?

Declaring myself snowed in (not really true except in my mind), it was a perfect day to write. And I did. Not for hours and hours but long enough to lovingly flesh out a new character who is turning out to be more important than I thought.

Bubbles: not the fermented kind but served in a wine glass I swear makes this water absolutely luxurious. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge – sort of.

Some domestic effort in the day, what JB and I call our ’15 minutes’. See, we figure that 15 minutes a day will result in a perpetually perfect home.

Today, for some reason the thought of drawers with perfectly folded sweaters would do. So of course having a constant appetite for all things that can be learned on YouYube I watched a myriad of cute folding tricks, some of which I attempted but never did nail. So then I reached back into my store room and brought out something my sister and I entertained ourselves with years ago. We call it the Sheldon board after a character on The Big Bang Theory.

So I merrily entertained myself and have 3 drawers of various items of clothing so neatly folded even I am impressed. Matter of fact I tried to think of ways I could get company over and find some kind of excuse to say, ’Would you mind going to that dresser and get me….,’ And then modestly blush as they gushed in wonder at how very organized and neat my things were.

But I could not for the life of me think of anything that would innocently lead someone to this grand wonder. So I dropped that idea.

Cross-stitch, for half an hour of fun before lunch. ( I really do enjoy and have to refrain from hours – so trying to restrain myself so I get other things done in a day.)

Did not get any walking in, which I do enjoy and would have made it a perfect day. I did get some other chores done.

So from north of 43 I must declare this one of those days where everything seems to go right. I do love’em!

Chris G April 19th ’22

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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

20 thoughts on “Perceptions of a near perfect day..”

  1. My perfect day would involve doing something good for my body, mind, and finances. And like you, I’d prefer also having done some type of chore every day. That way, I don’t need to set aside a huge weekend to catch up on everything I’ve missed. Thanks for sharing!

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