It’s My Birthday and….

Birthdays are good for you.
Statistics show that
people who have the most
live the longest

Well, it’s Sunday March 20th here in New Zealand but it’s still Saturday 19th where most of you live.  And Saturday was my birthday.

Eleven years ago, as a very new blogger and a 73-year-old young chick, I reminisced about time gone by. Eleven years – where have they gone?  If you are interested to see what I was thinking all those years ago, here’s the link.

I’m not reminiscing today.  Usually as we age, apart from special birthdays, we tend to treat the day as any other. But not this year.

On Thursday Grandsons Nos 3 and 4 took me to lunch.  On Friday, aftr a lovely relaxing massaage – my birthday gift to me – a friend took me to lunch.  That evening Grandson No 1 called in for a drink with Granma and to wish me happy, happy. How lucky am I? Grandson No 2 lives in Auckland so a text message from him yesterday completed the straight flush.

Yesterday was lunch with a friend who celebrates his birthday on the 20th. A long-standing annual arrangement.

Sunday, today.  Brunch with my daughter and her second son at my favourite restaurant.

And tomorrow I am being taken out to lunch by three close women friends.  We call ourselves MAS – the Mutual Admiration Society.  After that I will get the train to spend the night at my son’s house. There will be only the three of us, my son, daughter-in-law-from-heaven, and me.  So it will no doubt be a relaxed evening. Then the next morning, after coffee with a friend who lives close to them, I will return and then reminisce on how lucky I am.

“One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense
of fellowship with other human beings
as we take our place among them.”
Virginia Woolf.

March 20, 2022


15 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and….”

    1. Belated birthday greetings Judith. My oldest grandson Henry was 14 on 20th March! I was able to spend lovely time with him and my Son Dan and the rest of the family yesterday as I was in Christchurch for the weekend. Special times!

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  1. I also wanted to celebrate your birthday here at North of 43 so had a lovely manicure, delicious dinner and a fine Riesling to toast you. You were only there in spirit but you did have a lovely time!!

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  2. Happy (belated) birthday – though it’s still he 20th here. Also my granddaughter’s 38th birthday – how time flies! It sounds as if you are doing very well at celebrating yours. Here’s to many more!

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  3. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me. I am also a March person and tend to celebrate my birthmonth instead of a birthday. I’m still celebrating along with you. I love the top quote.

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