I am not very good at a lot of things

But I persist.

There are crafts that I do that I am not particularly fluid at, nor am I fast.

But I persist.

The result has been rather surprising.

Because I persist.

I must have been about five when my poor optimistic mother tried to teach me to darn. You know, last century, post war, people darned. She showed me how to put this round hard thingy into a sock and apply needle and thread.

Now I see why it is called a Darning Mushroom

Thoroughly disgusted I remember thinking very clearly, ’I’m gonna buy new ones.’

About the same time she taught me to knit, the traditional garter stitch scarf. Curious, I tried, and after a few rows, pretty pleased with my creative self, held it up to see an ever narrowing piece at a dreadful angle.

At least I persisted in a consistent slanting manner.

But it did destroy any inclination to continue and firmly set in my young mind that I was Not Creative.

In my teens, the mother of my high school boyfriend was very creative. She was a most amazing woman who taught me a lot, not the least of which was to knit and sew. And I actually found myself feeling creative. I made coats, dresses, and capes, and knitted actually patterns and stitches that required some skill.

When I was expecting my first (that’s what we called it last century), I began to crochet and made the most darling baby blanket with pinks and blues and whites – that promptly fell apart on washing ( I had not quite nailed down the securely joining colours thing), and gave up doing anything.

Then in my forties, thanks to my Auntie Fran I started again: cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting. Frannie was very artsy-crafty and inspired me.

By the time I was sixtyish I got adventurous and sought out ever increasing patterns believing such activity would help protect from dementias and general getting old stuff.

And I persisted.

Some pieces I started and restarted ten times or more.

And I persisted.

Still slow, still having to redo and redo – I persist.

A small sampling of persistence.

This was the first Aran knit specifically chosen to challenge my mind
I have made 8 of these of ten for a select few. Auntie Fran was the first.
This was the third of four I am making of The Dude Sweater from the Big Lebowski. One for each son and grandson
I made this for my bestie in 2007
Made all of scarves. This was a fun fave for awhile
When G2 read Harry Potter made this Gryffindor for him
I have made countless mitts and hats to give away to homeless
I find my attention going back to cross-stitch and this pattern I started years ago. Working on a black background is directly linked to increased proficiency in cursing. Loudly

In my three score plus ten plus five I discovered I don’t need to rush, to be first at anything. In fact there are lots of times it pays not to be first. I also discovered that I will never be a master of anything ( I still can’t properly cross-stitch so that the back of the Aida looks the same as the front) and that it is just fine.

I have discovered there is a great deal of satisfaction to be gotten if one only will persist.

Chris G Wednesday February 23rd ’22


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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

26 thoughts on “I am not very good at a lot of things”

    1. Persistence and perseverance and you turn out all these magical things. I look every day in my mailbox but there’s nothing there. Well therex is as there are always plenty of rubbish flyers, but no sweater from Chris. Great post reblogged on Growing Younger.

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  1. I agree. It takes time to perfect anything and many times, it doesn´t need to be perfect. Mom was a great knitter and crocheter. She tried desperately to teach me but she was left-handed and I was not and I just could not make the transition. She did teach me to sew and I sewed most of my own clothes and things for my children for years. Everyone has some creativity in them and should never give up. I did macrame a time which was fun.

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    1. I know you do Luanne and I always love all the hats and mitts you and your mom do. I feel like we are kindred spirits – even with the ‘cousin’ link aside LOL


  2. Wow! Good that you persisted. These are beautiful creations. My mam knits aran. She always hated reading patterns though, so a lot of the time she’d make it up. She bought me an aran cardigan a couple of years ago as a thank you present. I’d been asking her for a while to knit me one, but in recent years she prefers smaller projects. I love it the cardigan.

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  3. Here from the Ranch and your zipper piece – it was very sweet. This post supports the theme of generosity as you make hats and gloves for the homeless. Truly commendable. And, I’m in awe of your talent. Everything looks great and so professional. Persistence is a trait that not many seem to possess but one I believe in wholeheartedly, too!

    Liked by 2 people

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