Welcome Wednesday

Another sunny Wednesday and once again, I am at the beach minding Daisydog while her owners (my son and his wife) are at a wedding in the South Island.

And today was noticeable in that I was having lunch with a friend who appeared to have dropped off the world. No, not dropped off. Rather she and her husband had moved from a 4,000 sq ft house to a 2,500 one. So naturally, she had been busy downsizing, getting rid of stuff, and generally fighting her way through the vast number of packing boxes. And only now did she think she could invite a friend and me, to her house. I did explain that yes, we would like to see her new abode, but that wasn’t the only reason for our visit.

Friends are the siblings god forgot to give us.”
Judith. Baxter, Blogger, Grandmother and Friend
1938 – 

Anyway, the house is lovely, the surrounds not nearly as big as her last property(15 acres) but big enough. They are in what is now being called an independent living community – although why they choose this title rather than retirement village, is anyone’s guess.

And now a question. Do you rely on your mobile phone for almost everything? I do and today I had a problem. The phone, having been plugged into a charger all night, was dead as the proverbial dodo. No access to anything. So I couldn’t scan the Covid Tracer into the restaurant, nor could I show my Vaccine Certificate. Both quietly sitting on trusted iPhone. And these, together with face masks, are mandatory here. Against all the rules/odds, I was allowed into the restaurant.

So having been picked up and then brought home, my first thought was to get the phone fixed. There is a retail outlet close to my son’s house, so I immediately hot-footed it there (read drove), thinking of the $800 plus for a new iPhone. But in fact the problem was that the connector between phone and charger had become loose/stretched over time. So $60 later, I returned to this house and the phone is now happily charging. Very happy blogger here!!

So until the next time, take care, and remember, Pooh says –

And today I found it both, literally and figuratively!

JB February 23, 2022

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