Well It Had To Happen

“Do not be angry with the rain. It simply does not know how to fall upwards.”
Vladimir Nabokov

After several weeks of almost perfect summer, sunshine, virtually no wind, and minimal rain; in fact on asking around no-one was able to. tell me when was the last time it rained in Wellington, and for the windy city to be calm is very unusual.

But all good things must eventually come to an end. And we were promised rain this week and yesterday it arrived. Late in the day so it didn’t impinge on anything already planned but..Overnight it poured and it has continued through the day and is promised for the next two days. What a shame as this is a holiday weekend here and children will be returning to school after the summer break on Tuesday when the sun is forecast to return.

Looking back, as one does as one gets older, I found a post written in my other blog when I was a new blogger way back in March 2012. Note I only started blogging in March 2011 at the same time as my partner in crime (?) Chris the other half of A World Apart.

Anyway, I found this post which struck a chord with me. Who knew that loonies and toonies are the $1 and $2 dollar coins in Canada. Well, I used to live there and I didn’t know that. My excuse is that they still had $1 and $2 dollar bills when I lived there eons ago.

My mind went into overdrive at the thought of all that money scattered around the roadside – somewhere between $C3.5 and $C5 million in coins.

According to the Vancouver Sun “Crews used a one-metre round industrial magnet on a backhoe to pick up the toonies and loonies..”  And having commented that it would be an onerous task the Constable  on the scene said “I walked through the scene where there was more money than I will ever see in my whole life,” Ontario Provincial Police officer Marc Depatie with the South Porcupine detachment.”

Truck crash

I wonder how many of those coins found their way into pockets of drivers who were stopped by the accident.

And there is always something to be pleased about in any situation – today I don’t have to water the garden. Yes, Pollyanna is alive and well, and living in Wellington.

JB February 5, 2022

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