When the NEWS is not good you can always take the train


Yesterday JB wrote a wonderful thought provoking post about FREEDOM and what it means to each of us. How the very thought of being free can mean not being shackled by the expectations of others, and then the deeper meanings as evidenced by Mandela and Waite, and Keenan.

So, I naively thought that today I would look for ’lighter news’ particularly in my K-W here at 43N just for a change of pace. You know, something cheery. Well I looked, and looked, and …you get the idea.

Then I thought about last night’s dream – and trains. For the last few nights I have dreamed of being on a train and in the presence of some dear departed soul and felt great comfort. Every dream this month, and each night is different loved ones, always takes place on a train. January is a month where a few have gone, and I have been spending time remembering and giving thanks for their lives, so I guess it is not surprising I have dreamt of them. It’s been rather pleasant so I am complaining.

What do you find pleasant or consoling in these times? I hope something no matter how small.

Oh, that reminds me, – I have been reading this week – with all the horrible deaths from disease, murder, and mayhem, this statement, ’We will never forget’ referring to the person now gone – and I think, yes, with time we will forget, not the person so much as forget to remember. Except for now and then. Especially once our generation has passed.

Well, I guess that is not entirely true, because I am a great rememberer, but when I am gone….

JFK – assassinated – we will never forget – but when my children were younger I mentioned how everyone seems to remember what they were doing when they heard – and they responded, ’Who’s JFK’? See? Not just forgotten, just never knew.

I suspect we say, we will never forget, to comfort ourselves.

Oh! About the train above – not the train of my dreams, that was just an ordinary VIA, but the LRT (Light Rail Transport) began running in June 2019. The cars were built by Bombardier. It took 10 years from conception to reality and came with lots of pain and tears and set-backs as things of this nature do.

Construction reminded me of stories I had read of opposition when Toronto started it’s subway system.

I love public transit. Buses are okay but I love the LRT. Spacious, feels luxurious, gazing out of large windows, heated in winter, air conditioned in summer.

So much for my rambling thoughts and the quest for Good News.

So from North of 43 on this wintery January 26th, 2022, enjoy your day and and may you find some small measure of solace or comfort.

Chris G

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One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

11 thoughts on “When the NEWS is not good you can always take the train”

  1. Funny you should mention this. I dreamt about my brother, who has been gone for almost 47 years, last night. I took the LRT in Calgary all the time and loved it. In Vancouver, it was the Skytrain which was very efficient. Here in Spain, I´ve taken the regular train to Madrid and Barcelona. I love train travel.

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  2. Morning Chris. I reblogged this but my opening comment didn’t appear. Sorry. It is a really good post. Our public transport is quite good. A five minute drive to the railway station and eight minutes on the train to town. It would take less time to drive into town, but parking…

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  3. I love public transport – everywhere. you see so much, there is always the opportunity to talk to people – I know, you should never talk to strangers, but I could never see why not. Of course there is the chance that someone awful will abduct you, but unlikely in a crowded carriage. and i always go where there are more rather than fewer people. i have written about my adventures on my blog. Stranger danger!

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