Another Difference

Good morning from a sunny, still, and warm, Wellington Thursday. Well warm to us. We have a very temperate climate – no really highs or dreadful lows. So Summer heat for us, requiring air-conditioning, open windows and doors, and trips to the beach, is a balmy 25/26 degrees. And warm? 20 degrees is warm for us.

You may not know but Wellington is classed alongside Chicago as being one of the windiest in the world. So on a still day like this, we celebrate.

And we are the first country to see the sun each morning. So while it probably is still Wednesday where you live, today it is Thursday here.

Today I am going to a friend’s for lunch. She lives over the hill. Well I always tell Chris that anywhere else in the world, one would call the Rimutaka Hill a mountain, but in New Zealand…. Oh yes, we are a mountainous country, great for skiers as no ski field is more that four hours drive away, and in many places, Such as Christchurch in the South Island, the field is much closer.

Lunch will be outside beside her pool and then a walk through Greytown a little village that has been almost forgotten by time.Unfortunately, we don’t have the old buildings and the little picturesque villages of England. New Zealand is a young country, and we now keep any building over one hundred years old. This has not always been the case, as during the heady days of the 1980s many old and lovely buildings were torn down to make way for the glass fronted monstrosities that now house offices in our Capital and other cities. But we are learning that heritage is important.

So as Chris dresses up in her thermals, sweater and boots, I am getting ready with a light dress (plus a jacket just in case) and hat, and of course, sunscreen. By the way, in case you don’t know it, New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of sun cancer in the world. So nobody goes out without hat and sunscreen a soon as the clouds lift and the sun shines.

So that’s all for today. Who knows what I will write about tomorrow! JB

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