No distance of place nor lapse of time, can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.

This is an idea by Chris Gingerich of Bridges Burning and Judih Baxter of GrowingYounger Each Day. We aim to show you two older women living on opposite sides of the world, who have never met but who are now firm friends. We meet for coffee and chat every week, even if it is only virtually. We both bring our coffee to the table and spend the next hour or two enjoying each other’s friendship.

So let us introduce ourselves.

I am Judith Baxter, JB to my friends. Chris and I have been friends since we both started blogging in March 2011.  From initially connecting there, we progressed to emails, messages and now FaceTime. We are firm friends who discuss any and everything on a regular basis.

Now a little about me.  I was born and brought up in the East End of London during and after the Second World War. The second of three daughters; little money in the family but lots of love. I met and married my Dashing Young Scotsman at 19 and with him moved first to Scotland, then New Zealand, Canada, and back to New Zealand. Since returning here I have had a busy and rewarding life. I sold Real Estate, I worked as as a small business adviser, I started my own company managing commercial properties, then became a Life Coach when I published my book Stepping Stones for my grieving clients. I devised and ran several courses, the most noticeable, Memory Lane. And now I’m retired enjoying life with my four grandsons their
parents and my friends.

13 thoughts on “WELCOME TO OUR BLOG”

  1. I’m definitely going to follow you two. I find it interesting that you have formed a friendship in cyberspace. I can appreciate this very much, since a few of my best blogger friends are in other countries. I can always depend on them to read my musings.

    I enjoyed reading your introductory comments. I’m looking forward to reading more of your offerings.

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